We put customer care first so we find any way we can to help give boat owners helpful service tips!  Have you experienced boat electrical issues and quicker battery depletion? Your boat’s Voltage Sensitive Relay system could be the issue.  Our certified technicians offer a solution to keep your electrical system performing correctly.

Due to numerous changes in the dual-battery systems over the years, we have asked our technicians to clarify the proper way to use each setting to solve common electrical issues.

Mode Breakdown

Every X-Series boat- 2012 and newer, has dual battery systems. Our battery system is set up to keep one battery reserved for starting the boat (starting battery) and the other battery (house battery) for powering all onboard electronics (stereo, screens, dash gauges and lighting, etc).

Most boats use a simple OFF/ON/COMBINE switch, with a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) system, designed to simplify and automate the battery system.

What Does The VSR Do?

The VSR will transfer charging power to each battery, as needed, to keep both batteries at the optimal voltage level.

Battery Switch Positions
  • OFF: The OFF position disconnects the batteries when in short or long term storage (more than 2 weeks) to prevent the batteries from depleting.
    • Note: The bilge pump will stay hot regardless of battery position
  • ON: The ON position is switched once the boat is out of storage.  In the ON position, the START battery and HOUSE battery will connect.
    • Note: To fully activate the house systems, you must also turn the key switch to the ON position.
  • COMBINE: The COMBINE position allows the HOUSE battery to supply power to start the engine in the event of a depleted starting battery. After the engine is started, the switch should be turned back to the ON position, to allow the VSR to properly allocate voltage from the charging system.

Note: The COMBINE setting should be used for emergency situations only, such as when the START battery is dead.  Prolonged use in this setting will inhibit the VSR’s performance, causing both batteries to drain rapidly. We have found this to be the leading cause of electrical issues.

Still Have Questions?

Our service team is ready to help answer any further questions you might have. Contact one of our dealerships for help.

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