In early 2017 a co-op of 6 boat dealerships began this site in an effort to create an oasis for the buying and selling of a used boat. The initial thought was to create a website to market used inventory in the Western United Sates but interest in the site has quickly expanded to all 50 States. The site was created because no other seemed to offer what they needed or wanted. The need was to find a place to effectively advertise the used inventory, the want was to spend a reasonable amount as opposed to the unreasonable amounts being charged elsewhere. Some sites were too niche, other sites were painful to look at and yet others wanted an arm and a leg for the pleasure of doing business with them… The vision and desire today are to become the best nationwide platform for anyone buying or selling a boat. We hope that you find an oasis with us. We understand what other websites don’t offer and we are here to help. Our aim will always be to have our value far exceed your expectations. Thank you for stopping past and we wish you only the best as you embark on your journey to buy or sell a boat. 

Used Boat Warehouse Fishing Boat

We offer a large selection of used boats and are confident you will find the boat you are looking for!  We connect you with dealers nationwide who can assist you in purchasing your dream boat! 

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Used Boat Warehouse makes it easy to buy and sell a boat. For a limited time you can list your boat at no cost.  

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